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Wednesday, Sep 27, 2006 at 08:16 PM

The top story tonight comes to us from Ocala, Florida, where there has been a sighting of truly stellar proportions. It seems that tonight, in some remote neighborhood in the Southeastern section of the city, a small-town car audio pseudo-icon was spotted actually working on his OWN car!

Our sources say Steven Head, alias Audionutz, was actually working on his long-forgotten green Honda Civic for the first time in a very, very long time. Many of you may remember that this is the very same car that won the IASCA world Finals in Memphis in 2003, then was stolen a month later outside of the USAC World Finals event, later to be recovered damaged, but intact. This event marks the beginning of some more wackiness out of the Audionutz camp that will debut no later than Spring Break Nationals. This event is also monumental in that Steve never ever works on his own car because he is always building other people's stuff. Keep up the good work Steve!"

"In other news, a truckload of Audio Control RTA meters was stolen outside an airport terminal in Atlanta sometime in early September, then recovered just in time to make it to the IASCA World Finals. The FDA has just finished testing of those meters and found that all of them had been "modified" resulting in lower than average scores for the competitors at the show. The FBI reports that DNA testing has confirmed that a gang of import racers, or "ricers" as they are called, heisted the goods and went on an opium-induced drifting binge that included periodic SPL testing of their car's mufflers by placing the microphones inside the tailpipes. Our sources say they may have tried to puff on the microphones as well, but we cannot confirm that at this time."

"On wallstreet today, the......"


BTW, that 2nd part was funnies, people! Don't getchur panties in a wad.

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